Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It figures

OK, this past Monday I had a test AND my care plan (that was for a grade) was due. Let me tell you what must be included in the care plan. A medicine list for your patient, a list of medical diagnoses for the patient which have definitions listed in everyday terminology, a concept map, a Gordon's Functional Health Pattern Assessment (for three weeks- this is 8 pages long itself), and 3 different nursing diagnoses with risk factors, nursing interventions, the rational for the interventions (sited), and evaluation for that intervention. So, when I went to the ER a week ago Monday, I had taken this folder with me that had most of this information with me so I could work on stuff while I waited.
Over the weekend I had this test to study for. Fine, good. I also had all this work to do for the care plan. For the LIFE of me, I could not find this folder anywhere. I was beside myself. I looked all over. I could not find it. Could. Not. I put off working on the care plan because I just knew I'd find this folder. If I didn't find it, I'd have to pull information totally out of my rear. (The bad part of this is, my clinical instructor has another group of students on Tuesday, and they have the same patients that us Wednesday kids have.) I couldn't just make up this information totally- she'd know! Sheesh!
I continued to look for this folder. I worked on the care plan and the diagnoses, the citing, blah blah. Finally, I work on this care plan & study and I do not go to bed until after 5 am on Monday. (The care plan was due, via the Internet, at 9 am on Monday.) I submit the care plan over the Internet. I pack things up. I get my laptop and put it in the little bag I'd used for it, on the sofa. Lo and behold, there in the bag is that freakin' folder. It figures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

8 Things

My friend Angie tagged me for this post. So, here goes:
8 Things That I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Having this semester be over, hopefully I'll get enough studying done to do well. Pray for me!
2. Getting to spend some more time with my new niece, Cadyn.
Do these things have to be things in the near future you're looking forward to? If not, then...
3. Finishing nursing school so Quinlynne and I can have our own house.
4. Being able to travel.
5. Getting a tan.
6. Teaching Quinlynne to swim.
7. Quinlynne's recital
8. Plastic surgery.....it's in my future.
8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Went to a test review.
2. Met with my clinical group to brainstorm some ideas for our care plans
3. Took Quinlynne to Braum's for a cone.
4. Went to Walmart.
5. A few loads of laundry.
6. Got ticked off and my feelings very hurt.
7. Took packing out of a wound, thank goodness!
8. Plunged the drain in the bathtub- to no avail.
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Stop worrying about money and the financial hardship that is my life.
2. Find someone that wants to be a loving, faithful companion to me and a wonderful father for my Precious
3. Lose 125 pounds...whether it be through hard work or liposuction....I'm not picky. I want to be a Hot Momma.
4. Be wealthy enough to travel to the majority of the places I'd like to go...Greece, Europe, cruises, the East Coast, Arizona, some cool Mexican places, etc.
5. Have another baby
6. Focus long enough to get my schoolwork done
7. Send Quinlynne to a few different fun camps this summer...at her dance studio, soccer, Montessori, etc.
8. Give the last doctor that treated me in the ER a taste of his own medicine....burro.
8 Shows I Watch
1. King of the Hill
2. Will & Grace
3. Law & Order (original, SVU, CI)
4. CSI (Las Vegas & Miami)
5. Days of Our Lives
6. Friends
7. Backyardigans
8. Frasier (Golden Girls, Reba, Rita Rocks)
8 People I tag to do This
1. Sally
2. Natalie
3. Brenda
4. Joni
5. Rachel
6. anyone who wants to join in

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More info on Baby Hoffman

By the way- this is my 150th post for this blog. Yeah for me!!
Please bare with this very long post. There are lots of pictures, and they're posted in the Large setting. Some of you may not want to look at and read all of these. But, it's for family (namely my cousin Penny) who asked me to post lots of pictures since they weren't able to make it to KS.

OK, the baby now has a name. Her name is Cadyn Marie Hoffman. Here are some more pictures of her for your inquiring minds. The above picture is a picture of the little bow the nurses put in her hair after her bath. Check out her little mohawk.

Could Aaron's smile be any bigger? I don't think his feet were even touching the ground.

Poor thing, she has the Hoffman chin.
Grandi's 1st time to hold her grandaughter.
Big sister Abby's very proud of her new little sister. She even got a special sticker! And the night before she kicked and scored the winning goal for her socer team!Mr. & Mrs. Dam II. (That's what Dad used to say about us...either that or our last name was Mud. Yes, we used to go to nice restaurants and when they asked for our name he'd answer "Mud"- totally straight-faced.)
Quinlynne's first time to hold her new baby cousin, Cadyn. She was so excited. She was excited beyond belief to get to see Abby, but she was also totally excited that "Mandy got us a new baby?? The baby came out of her tummy? and Aaron's tummy?"
Aunt Shandy's first time to hold my new niece. I've never had a baby niece before! I'm in adoration with her! If I hadn't already had a baby of my own, I'd think it was the best thing ever! It ranks right up there with that. I can't wait to teach her naughty things....just like my brother has done with my daughter. Although Aaron doesn't have as many pet peeves as I do....

Mandy finally holding her baby. I could be mean and post some pictures of Mandy shoveling her food into her mouth- but I won't. She worked hard!
Aaron & Mom checking out Aaron's 1st baby that he created. I imagine that's a wonderous thing...to behold the child of your child. I pray I'll be blessed to witness that. (I hope I'm at least in my mid 50s before that happens.)
Grandi checking out Cadyn. I think she's pretty smitten with her, too.
Already grasping her Daddy's fingers. She's a very strong little girl. She was holding her head up and looking around just hours after she was born. She is very, very alert. She tracks with her eyes! Her Daddy's voice calms her right down. I think it's just precious. I foresee a Daddy's Girl.
A big yawn. It's been a terribly busy day for this little girl!


ATTENTION ALL!!! THERE IS A BRAND NEW ADDITION TO THE HOFFMAN FAMILY. She was born April 21, 2009 at 4:26 pm. She weighed 8 lb. 4 oz. and was 22 1/4 inches long.
(I don't think she'll measure that long next week- when her conehead goes away.) She is quite the little beauty. She nursed like a champ this evening and she is very easy going and quite laid back. More pictures will probably be posted here later on Wednesday. Come check her out!

Mother and baby are doing well. Mom is sore, and very tired. Hopefully she'll feel better after a night of sleep. (Oh, I guess I should mention that this is my brother and SIL's baby.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

silly dance

I think I mentioned earlier that I went to Quinlynne's school Easter party. I told you that they had some absolutely silly dance that they were doing. Here is part of it. Of course, Quinlynne was acting a bit inhibited since she knew the camera was on her. I have no clue what all this CD is saying, but the kids just eat it up.

I need this, or should I say Quinlynne needs it

My friend Angie told me I needed to go to this blog and check out this shirt. She is having a giveaway and Quinlynne sure would look cute in it. What does my little Tyra NOT look good in?! lol j/k I hope we're chosen!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Duck, duck, GOOSE

Since I have been so busy with nursing school, I try to take Quinlynne and do something fun with her one-on-one at least once a week. (Don't I sound like a terrible mom? Trying to get time with my kid once a week?) Lately, when the weather allows us to, we have gone to the park. Various parks. Every Tuesday I have been going to Riverside and walking/trying to run. There is a great park there that Quinlynne really likes. I usually have Quinlynne in the stroller and then I let her play after I am done walking. Last week, on Tuesday night, my shoulders were hurting so badly. I couldn't figure out why. DUH! I pushed a 40 pound kid a couple miles at a rather good clip. I wasn't able to move and swing my arms. Those strollers really do hinder. SO, this week, I asked Mom if she would meet me there and watch Quinlynne play at the park while I walked. She was able to help me out. Thank goodness! (I made much better time & my shoulders didn't ache at all that night!) Quinlynne absolutely loved playing at the park. Why is it kids adore parks so much?

I have a great clinical group. There are only 3 of us gals in my clinical. We have gotten to be friends and have taken our kids to do things together. One of the gals told me about a park with a pond where the geese are great, especially to go feed. Quinlynne and I decided we'd take her up on her offer. (When I picked her up at school, she was too funny. I put her in the van and she said "Momma, I like my shirt. Thank you for picking it out for me!" Where did that come from?) So, Quinlynne got to feed geese for the first time. She did enjoy herself.
See what I mean about her backside...looks like that should be Lester Hoffman's behind!
She looks so peaceful....she was really cooking something up. What a goofy look!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Dress

I had SUCH a hard time finding an Easter dress for Quinlynne this year. Did anyone else notice how the dresses being sold as Easter Dresses were not very frilly or fancy? I have a certain look I like to have for Quinlynne on Easter. Mom finally found this dress, and Quinlynne liked it a lot. It even had a matching dress for her doll, Harriet.
Quinlynne likes to wake up at 3 am lately, wondering about the weather. Easter Sunday was no exception. She woke up at 3 am, noted that it was raining, and came into me saying "Momma, we gonna have to use umbweyas for Easter to go to church? It's raining." It had started raining about midnight, and it didn't let up at all for the entire day.

Quinlynne liked her dress, even though it was chilly and she had to wear a sweater that didn't match. She liked using her Little Mermaid umbrella.

After church Uncle Charlie & Aunt Connie came over. We colored eggs and ate. Quite yummy food! Quinlynne didn't get to hunt eggs though- it was too rainy. I was going to hide them in the house, but it was too late.

Enjoy pictures of Mom, Quinlynne and I!

School Easter Party

Quinlynne's school Easter Party was last Thursday. I got called in to work, and then they called me and said they didn't need me. So, I was able to be there for Quinlynne's party. Gosh- I love it when kids consume all that junk food and candy. The kids had chips, cookies, juice, and something else.
Then they all danced around the classroom. There is some crazy dance that their teacher, Miss Sarah has and they all look like little dorks- way too cute! I even recorded part of it....but I have a hard time posting video. This is Quinlynne's little rear shaking.

The kids then had an egg hunt. They wer each supposed to find 8 eggs, but Quinlynne found 10. The last picture is her whole class.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tanning bed

I have a friend, I'll call her Gretchen, just to save her some embarrassment. She has 3 daughters, ages 13 & 12. I was talking to her a week ago and this is a story she was telling me.
She received a pass for 5 free tanning sessions. She had not been to a tanning bed in something like 15 years. She decided to give it a whirl. She wasn't exactly sure what she should or should not wear. So, she laid down in the tanning bed sans panties and after a bit decided she'd remove her bra too. "So, I went to take off the bra. I moved and my butt was suction cupped to the bed. Ugh! I took off my bra and all of a sudden, my boobs are on the bed. Whatever. I lay down. Then I felt a little something strange and decided I totally need to move because my nipples are lying on the bed and starting to burn! Now, I finally weigh the same I did 15 years ago, but I was thinking that I sure wasn't the same person I was 15 years ago. My nipples were laying on the bed when I was laying down!!!" This is the same friend whose daughters told her a few years ago "Mommy, when I grow up I want to have long, pretty boobies just like you!" Gretchen said she wondered if they knew what a backwards compliment they had just given. Ah- children....and boobs!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oklahoma Chic

Every Wednesday is Chapel day at Quinlynne's school. The older kids from the private school get a younger kid from the preschool, and they sit by them in Chapel. These are their Chapel Buddies. Quinlynne really likes her Chapel Buddy, even though she doesn't really talk about her very often. So- since she is in the chapel, I always dress her in a skirt or dress. Even though this school is not the same denomination we are, I like to have continuity of some sort. I feel it is showing respect to God that we wear skirts & dress like ladies when we are in His house. So- Quinlynne wears a skirt every Wednesday.
However, she still must be dressed to play and do the rest of her school activities. This is an example of Quinlynne's Wednesday outfit. Oklahoma Chic is what we'll call it. (Belly showing is optional.)

Deliciously Decadent

I have some hormone issues right now. Therefore, it is out of my control that everyone I see looks like a huge sinful brownie, or bowl of Cookies n Cream ice cream with chocolate syrup. I want to eat chocolate like there is no tomorrow. Imganie my delight when I saw this huge hunk of cookie at the Walmart Bakery. It is called a Deliciously Decadent Cookie with white chocolate. I decided to get one and try it. I had to take a picture. SO DANG YUMMY! I poured some milk and stuck it in the freezer to get it very nice and cold( the milk got cold, not the cookie)- then I had to indulge. My review: 4 stars & I would recommend it the next time you're needing a fix.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I am going to keep this short. I have new pictures I need to load onto my computer, and then blog. However, I have a test tomorrow I should really be studying for. I'll just post this picture quickly. SOMETIMES, I just wish she'd stay a baby. I love when she can cuddle, even though her legs hang off the chair, etc. That's my 7 lb, 4 oz, 19 inch baby girl right there!