Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lester the elf

So Grandi got Quinlynne this thing called Elf on the Shelf. Here's the jist: there is an Elf, you name it, the elf hides in your house & ever night, after the kid goes to sleep the elf goes to the North Pole to report to Pere Noel if said child has been naughty or nice. When the elf comes back to your house, he tries to hide in a new spot. Said child cannot touch elf, or the magic will be ruined.

I was skeptical of this little setup. But ya know what?? Quinlynne LOVES it. Every morning she comes into the living room to try to find where Lester the Elf is. She has found him every day almost right off. This morning Genevieve the kitty found Lester the Elf and knocked him down. Quinlynne was pretty irritated, but she wouldn't touch Lester (remembering the magic). Wow- can I keep this Elf out all year long??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Confession about Santa

OK, so I have a confession. I took Quinlynne to the mall, on Sunday, to see Santa. I'm terrible, and setting a bad example...I know. Quinlynne finally, after much coercion, sat on Santa's lap at Uncle Charlie & Aunt Connie's ward Christmas party. On Saturday night Quinlynne told me that she'd forgotten to tell Santa about something she wanted & she thought maybe we should head to the mall so she could tell him. The mall was already closed. The next morning she brought it up again. I decided to just seize the moment...last year we went to the Bass Pro Santa and I got a snapshot. The previous two years, I got something that looked like this:
So, we went to the mall. We got some cute pictures. Quinlynne had a tete-a-tete avec Pere Noel, and she seemed satisfied afterwards. We took some pictures of ourselves, too.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cousins & pictures

The Saturday before Thanksgiving my SIL came down so we could take the girls to get their pictures done together. My mom has been wanting a picture of her grandkids, and she wanted them to send out with her Christmas cards. I decided the girls should wear red & black. I didn't think they should be matchy-matchy. It's hard trying to outfit kids when you don't have them with you....especially Abby; she is just a skinny little twig. Everything hangs on her, poor thing. Mandy and I ran out on Friday night to get the finishing touches for the girls' outfits, and we found this dress for Abby. We weren't sure about it since hers was red, black & white. BUT- it turned out GREAT! The girls did spectacularly...it gives us hope. You know how lots of times when you go to get pictures done- you're lucky if you get one or two you really like? Mandy & I had to seriously narrow it down. We were so proud of our girls! I'm not going to post any of the finished product, but let me post some pics of the girls in their outfits. BY the way, I can't get the pictures to go where they're supposed to go...so you have to put the correct caption with each one. I have faith you can do it.

Cadyn trying to check herself out in the mirror.

Look at that little foot. How chubby & adorable is it?

Abby & Quinlynne getting cookies for being so good.

Quinlynne & Abby watching a movie while Mandy & I made decisions.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finally Finals are over

That's right, my friends. I took my Theory final yesterday. I finished my skill validation just an hour ago. I have now passed Level 2 of nursing school. I guess nothing's actually final until it's recorded in the gradebook for the college. BUT- I have an "A" in Issues & Perspectives & I got a "B" in my Theory class. I have passed! Woo hoo!
Unfortunately, I know of 3 classmates, thus far, who have not passed. I am very sad. They are all people I like, too! So, two down, two to go! Go Shandolynne, go Shandolynne! I just have to cheer for myself sometimes!