Sunday, July 20, 2008

Really impresed

This year my mom is in charge of our family reunion. The theme is Christmas in July and it is next weekend. Needless to say, there is a bit that still needs to be done and she wanted to take advantage of the weekend to get some of it done. My contribution to yesterday's working was to keep Quinlynne out of the house. Not that Quinlynne is a naughty girl when working is going on, but she thinks she needs to "help" as well.....and we all know how that goes.

So, yesterday morning Quinlynne and I met my cousin Audra and her two boys (and her mom) at a splash pad in Broken Arrow. Quinlynne and Deacon had quite a fun time playing around and they played quite well together. Beck, who just turned 1 was fun for us adults to watch. He is just the cutest little baby boy! Deacon and Quinlynne did include Beck periodically and some little girl was trying to pick up Beck and his face was just priceless.

After we had enough of the beautiful 95 degree heat before noon, we packed up and took the kids to get a bite to eat. Quinlynne and I then headed to the Affair of the Heart craft show at the fairgrounds. We went from one end to the other. Quinlynne did very well in her stroller, except towards the end when she started thrashing about, giving me dirty looks and saying "I want to go home!"

After the craft show we had to go to Toys R Us. Amazingly enough, Audra, Deacon and Beck were there, too! (Yes, we planned that.) Quinlynne and I spent a while there then decided they didn't have what we wanted. We then went to PetsMart to look at cats, fish, birds and ugly rodents. We also enjoyed tickling each other with the feathered cat toys. On our way out to the Jeep Quinlynne took a spill off the curb onto the parking lot. I think it shocked her more than anything. I picked her up and she immediately told me she thought I needed to look in the bag and see if we had any medicine that goes in her mouth for her hurts. We then went to Target and looked all around for several things we needed.

Can you believe we did all this and Quinlynne never had any meltdowns and I never got totally frustrated with her and she never threw any fits? I was quite impressed. She had only had a couple of cat naps in the car during this entire time. All in all, we had quite a fun time and I thought I had tired her out....but the little stinker didn't go to bed until 11:00! Where does she get this???

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beauty salon

Quinlynne has decided she likes doing people's hair. She doesn't like to have her hair done, though. The only person she likes to do her hair is Penny. Hurts my feelings a bit- but oh well. Penny does a better job than I do, anyhow. Anyhow, Quinlynne climbed up on the sofa next to me and decided she was going to "do" my hair. It actually consisted of spraying a little water on it and just mussing it up all over. Afterwards, we had to look in the mirror.

Then, on July 6th, I was doing Charlsie & Penny's toes before they headed home. Quinlynne decided she just HAD to have her toes done again, too. And she wanted a happy face painted on them. Being the angel of a mother that I am, I did this for her.


Happy Independence Day! You know, sometimes I get a little teary eyed when I'm watching the fireworks. I imagine the "rockets' red glare" and "the bombs bursting in air" that inspired the words to our National Anthem and I'm just filled with the Spirit and thankfulness to know that we are living in the chosen land. These are fairly deep thoughts to convey to a two year old, but I try. I don't think it made it through to her, but I'll continue to try.

Martez fixing his plate. Elijah smelling his chicken.
To celebrate our Independence Day, we had over Uncle Charles and Aunt Connie, Charlsie and Penny, and the Cullom family (Angie, Martez, Elijah & Isaiah) and of course, as with most holidays...we end up doing things with our family across the street- the Blackburns. We cooked out, had homemade banana ice cream, and watched fireworks. Since we don't live in city limits, we were able to see fireworks all around us. Some of them were quite spectacular. Tammie- don't fall out of the Expedition!

I&Q doing sparklers.

Of course, the little kids got to do sparklers, which they loved. It was so stinkin' humid I was quite miserable and everyone was wet from perspiration (sweatin' like pigs). Overall, I think a good time was had by all!
Q- taking it all in.

Early on the 4th

Before the actual festivities on the 4th of July commenced, I decided Quinlynne would enjoy some time in her little pool. She actually did get in for a while. Usually, she spends forever bending over the side of the pool trying to get each little bug and blade of grass out of it. So infuriating for me....just get in! Anyhow, she also decided she wanted a popsicle. She was being a good girl so I said yes. She did very well combining the two. She loved posing for it!

I was trying to tire her out so she would take a nap and wouldn't be tooooo terribly tired once our company arrived for the evening festivities. It worked like a charm!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Proper attire

I'm obviously going to have to work with Quinlynne on what is proper attire for certain occations. The morning of the 4th of July it was time to put up the big flag on our flagpole (which, by the way, my dad and I made shortly after September 11, 2001) in the front yard. I told Quinlynne she needed to get dressed. That obviously wasn't happening so I decided I'd settle for her to at least put shoes on. So, I told her, repeatedly, "Quinlynne- go put shoes on so we can go outside and raise the flag,". This, my friends, is my daughter's idea of getting dressed.

That's beautiful isn't it? She is wearing a pajama shirt, Little Mermaid panties, and pink snow boots (on the wrong feet). She thought this was very good. So, Grandi and I took her outside in the front yard, raised the flag, tried to teach her to place her hand over her heart, and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Awfully patriotic, isn't she?

sleep standing up

You've heard the saying "I'm so tired I could sleep standing up"? Well that really happened with Quinlynne. Sunday before last the little girl came home from church and was standing at a recliner. I happen to notice that she's awfully quiet. I look over, and the child is asleep standing up. I mean- she was dead to the world!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mustang Sally

We have had Quinlynne's little tricycle for almost a year now. She would get on it and like it, and her feet would touch the pedals, but she just couldn't quite get the concept of actually having to "push" the pedals forward. To tell you the truth- this old back of mine just didn't want to lean over and push her all over, either. It also probably doesn't help that fromthe house to the street our driveway goes uphill a bit. That makes it a little difficult to start out. I also didn't get it because I know they have tricycles at her school and her teachers told me she rode those just fine. Hmmm...was my child doing something for attention?!?!?!

One day about a week or two ago Quinlynne had gone outside with Grandi to water the flowers. Grandi came to the door and told me to grab my camera. Quinlynne had actually gotten on her tricycle and was toodling around all over. Thank goodness!