Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Holy Cow

Tonight Quinlynne and I were saying her personal prayer. We'd had family prayer and then she and I went to her room to say HER prayer. I've been working with her on saying her prayers all by herself. She always says "But Momma- I don't know the words,". So, I started her off and she figured out the things she wanted to say. I was so proud of her. I reinforced to her that she could "talk" to Heavenly Father any time she wanted. She could pray to Him any time she felt like she wanted or needed to "talk" to Heavenly Father. THEN- my kid started in on questions that I wasn't anticipating for at least another year or two. She asked me WHERE Heavenly Father is. I told her He lives in Heaven. Then she asked me where Heaven is. Then she asked if Heavenly Father was inside of us. I then talked to her about the Holy Ghost. I think at her school they talk about the Holy Spirit. "Momma, Holy Spirit AND Holy Ghost stay with us??" HOLY COW!!! Such deep questions from a 3 year old. Yet, I'm very proud that she wants to say her prayers, and she questions all of these important and beautiful things. It lets me know that I need to always be on my toes so I can answer her spiritual questions to the best of my ability....and for me to keep praying so I can answer her questions. I guess I know she IS listening to me, her Grandi, Uncle Charlie & Aunt Connie, her teachers at school and her teachers at church! Perseverance throughout her "pre-nursery" months at church is paying off- it all sets an example!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maybe a makeup artist?

In case Quinlynne's dreams to be a stylist don't pan out- perhaps she can be a makeup artist. The girl is pretty enamored with makeup and lip products, nail polish, etc. So, for Valentine's Day she got her own little makeup kit. Now, this is not a makeup kit from the toy section- it's the real deal. I did not give her her Valenentine's gifts until right before she went to bed because we'd been gone all day long. So, I told her she could play with her makeup when we got home from church the next day.

I tell you, the door was not even shut from us walking in the door after church before Quinlynne was asking me to open her makeup. The girl didn't even use a mirror. She just started putting it on. We had all sorts of colors on the eyelids (mainly the right eyelid) and pink blush on the cheeks. Apparently, one must also reapply makeup periodically....every 20 minutes. (I don't know where she gets that. Once I do my makeup in the morning- I most usually don't touch it until I take it off at night.) She was certainly proud of herself.
I guess I'll have to make sure she tones it down a bit before she starts wearing it for real....or at least how to use it evenly!

Future Stylist?

For Christmas, my friend Angie, who only has boys and goes all out when she buys for little girls... got Quinlynne an Island Princess Barbie styling model. You can even sing along in the little flower that is a microphone. She loves it, and it drives me nuts. Since Quinlynne has curly hair, she does not have a lot of practice with brushing hair or plalying with it. Playing with the Barbie head is a new, and fun experience for her. She is still trying to figure out how to put rubberbands in, etc. I mean, look at the determination on her face.
She also got some red ruby slippers from Angie. She absolutely thinks they are the coolest thing. She had to ear them with her jeans and Elmo shirt, and for a few nights, she even slept in them. I'm sure that's great for your feet. It was adorable, though.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sleep dresser

I was studying for my next big test tomorrow. (I could use your prayers again!) About 11:45 Quinlynne's bedroom door opened and she told me she needed to go peepee. Being the loving mother I am, I said "Then go." She went to the restroom then came out and told me she needed ME to lay down with her and turn her music back on. I stood up and caught a glimpse before she was hiding behind the recliner. The precious little girl still had on her Little Mermaid pajama top, but on bottom....she had on pink panties (she had gone to bed in a PullUp), her pink ballet skirt (she had gone to bed in the pajama pants that match her Little Mermaid top), and the piece de resistance.....her ballet slippers. It was all I could not do to laugh and point at her. I very calmly told her that she needed to get her PullUp back on. She kept telling me "Momma, it's so chilly!" I asked her where her pajama pants were and she pulled back her blanket and sheet, and there were her pajama pants and a tap shoe. Hmmm....I'm sure it ALL happened without her conscious knowledge. My precious would never get into mischief of her own devices.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another nap

I know I've posted some other pics of Q sleeping in random places, but sometimes she just gets so tuckered out that she drops where she is. I wonder how long this trait will continue? This was her a couple of weeks ago.
In case you can't tell- she is at her table. She'd been in the midst of coloring and having a snack. I'd been telling her she needed to go to her room and have some quiet time. BUT- she just insisted she didn't need to. So, she laid her head down and took a little nap right there. As you can see, we're back to sucking fingers. No clue what I'm going to do about that. So irritating.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yeah for me!

I don't know if I mentioned this or not. I had a Pharmacology test on Thursday. I was a bit nervous because it was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. BUT- I just looked online and the test scores were finally posted. I made a 44 out of 50 points! Yeah! I didn't think I had done that well.

Are y'all sick of hearing about my nursing school stuff??? It's a big part of my life right now, so you're gonna have to hear about it. Sorry. Just humor me, okay??? Thanks!


I know I've previously referred you to my friend Angie's blog, but you have GOT to go there and read her post called "Photostory Friday"- Anatomy Lesson....or something like that. I promise you, you will laugh your head off. I know stories are always funnier if you personally know the characters involved- but I promise....hilarious!
I will be going to Kansas this weekend to help my brother paint the nursery. So, you'll have to live without me for a few days- please, stifle your cries of sadness. Go check out Angie's blog----let me know what you think!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sometimes brothers are cute

Yesterday I got a random phone call from my brother. He and his family live in Independence, KS. Independence is a rather small town. No Target, no Sears, no Old Navy, only Walmarts (as my brother calls it). He has been in another slightly larger town taking a class for work this week. I guess this other town has an Old Navy. My brother was so excited when he called me. He first had to tell me how proud he was of me for doing well on my test. Then the real reason he called.....he bought his first bits of baby clothing for his firstborn child that should be arriving in April. He told me he got 3 different onesies, a pair of khaki pants that roll up, and this little number:
Isn't that cute? He didn't know what to call it. So he tried to describe it and said it was a khaki colored little skirt thing with straps like suspenders....and it was made of corduroy. Can you just see my big, manly brother shopping for these little girl clothes all by himself? He got size 3-6 months. He was so proud of himself. Too cute!
Kind of reminds me a BIT of his first baby item he ever bought. The day Quinlynne was born was Aaron's first day of classes at OSU that year. He was so bummed that he couldn't be there for her birth. So, after I had her and I had been wheeled back to the delivery room from the operating room, I asked someone to text him and let him know the baby was there. No one knew how to text so I had to do it. He had apparently discovered his phone had come out of his pocket in his first class and had to sneak into the room to get it. He was standing in the hallway when he read the text message telling him it was a girl and the other vital information. He got all excited and these girls standing there thought it was adorable. He later went to Eskimo Joe's and was shopping for a little shirt to bring his new niece. He wasn't sure what size to buy, or anything of the sorts. The salesgirl asked him how old the baby was and he looked at his watch and said "3 hours". The girl showed him the newborn size tshirts! He showed up with a cute little yellow Eskimo Joe tshirt that Quinlynne later wore in the hospital!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In honor of my cousin

My cousin Penny called me this morning. She was working yesterday evening and performed an act of heroism. Apparently a coworker was choking and couldn't breath. Penny performed the Heimlich maneuver and the lady is alive to come to work another day. Yeah Penny!!!!!! I'm so proud of you, and I know you're proud of yourself!!! So, in honor of your act of bravery- this one's for you:
Two Texans were having lunch at their favorite restaurant when they noticed a young woman at the next table having trouble breathing.
One of the Texans got up, walked over to her table,took her face in his big Texan hands and said, "Kin ya swaller?" She shook her head 'no.' "Kin ya breathe?" Again she shakes her head 'no.'
The Texan grabs her around the waist with one of his big Texan hands, turns her over, pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties and licks her right on the bottom! Of course the young woman was so shocked that she coughed causing the food to dislodge. The big Texan pulls up her panties, pulls down her skirt, turns her right side up, tips his hat and returns to his seat.
His companion is sitting there stunned. "I have never seen anything like that in my whole life!" he says to his heroic friend. The hero replies, "Yeah, I tell ya, that Hind Lick maneuver works every time!"

Bow chicka wow wow

This is SOO something that would happen to me. Each time I see it I just laugh!

Enjoy and chuckle yourselves!

My first Nursing School test

First of all- HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!
We have 6 more weeks of winter.
I thought I'd let you all know that I took my first big test in Nursing School yesterday. (I believe I asked you to keep me in your prayers.) Have I ever told you all that I am NOT a good test taker? I'm not. I was somewhat nervous. I mean, it was the first test, I didn't really know how it was going to be laid out and how can you really study for something like that? I wasn't going to kill myself trying to study for it. I read the covered material, I looked over the powerpoint presentations, I took the sample NCLEX style test questions provided on the CD that comes with the book. I was somewhat nervous because all these other people had flashcards, outlines of notes where they'd studied, case studies they'd written stuff up on, etc. That makes me feel like such an underachiever. That's just not how I roll, academically speaking. I just kept telling myself that if I could make a passing score and a score good enough to get me into law schools when I took the LSAT 5 weeks postpartum, I could pass this test. (For those of you who haven't taken the LSAT- it's a standardized test full of NOTHING BUT "choose the most correct" answers.) Nursing tests are like that...choose the most correct answer. Anyhow- long story short- I passed the test with an 80! NOT the best score, I admit- but it's a B! My score was higher than the average score by 5 points. So, I'll take it! Prayers were answered! Thanks everyone!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More information on IQ

So, since I was not the one who had Quinlynne during her time with Isaiah (henceforth known as IQ), I will let Angie's blog tell you the rest of the story. Beware though- there is talk of pooping. So- if that makes you queasy or uneasy, don't go read it. But, you all know Quinlynne has bowel issues, so I think you can handle it!
By the way- my first test in Nursing school is tomorrow. Please send good thoughts and prayers my way! I know I'll need them. I'm already having a bit of a nervous tummy!