Friday, March 26, 2010


Quinlynne was at church with Uncle Charlie & Aunt Connie some time back. Long story short- Quinlynne's Primary teacher had this story to tell Uncle Charlie & Aunt Connie:

The teacher introduced herself & had the kids introduce themselves to her. Afterwards, she told them that the lesson that day was going to be from the book of Matthew. Quinlynne raised her hand and said "I know ALL about Matthew. My momma is friends with him. She went to school with him.."

The teacher said she had to suppress her laughter. Quinlynne was soooo serious that she knew all about Matthew. Or course, she was talking about a friend of mine, Matt, from high school. How hilarious is that? I must be really old! I went to high school with Matthew!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

lag in postings

I'm so sorry it has been a few weeks since I posted anything at all. School has kept me quite busy. I thought I wasn't going to pass my OB class. It all came down to the final....seriously. I had like a 74% going into the final. The final was not written by our professors (thank goodness). It was more like the board tests I'll take. The questions were weighted & there were a ton of "pick the MOST CORRECT answer". I sat down to take the test & the first four questions almost killed me. NOTHING like what I had prepared for. Anyhow- you can all rest a little easier because I made a 97.6% on that final. NO CLUE WHATSOEVER how that happened. But ya know what? I'm gonna take it. I ended up passing the class with a high B. Whew! Now tomorrow I start my Pediatric clinicals.
I loaded a ton of new pictures on the computer, then got an internet virus. So- you will all have to wait with baited breath to see new pictures. I know you're just sitting on the edges of your chairs, huh?
I also have some funny Quinlynne sayings, but again- you'll have to wait. I have to get Quinlynne home now (we are at my school) & get us all ready for tomorrow!