Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gettin' it all together

Every now & then Quinlynne & I go swimming at our neighbor's pool. I purchased a few things for her to play with in the water. According to this picture, she has a bit of a difficult time getting them all together.
She is doing pretty darn well with her swimming. I'll post some more pics of her second round of swim lessons later. I am rather surprised that they didn't teach them "stroking" with their arms in lessons, though. That is something Quinlynne & I are working on when we are in the pool together. Basically, this year, I just wanted her to become comfortable with the water. That has been accomplished, so that makes me happy. More pics later!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


OK, I must confess- I'm itching to be Shandolynne right now. I fear writing this will expose me, and others will think I'm a totally bad person & a bad mom. Don't get me wrong- I would not trade Quinlynne for anything in the world, I feel as though I waited my whole life to have her with me. BUT, sometimes I want to be that girl who used to cut loose & bustamove & just not give a crap what anyone thought. I know you may not think it just by looking at me, but I've got some moves.


How's this for an action shot??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not forgotten

Hello everyone! I know you may all be thinking I have fallen of the face of the earth. (All FOUR of my followers.) BUT, we have not had internet connectivity at my house for over a week now. SO- no blogging for me. I am currently in TX at my friend Mia's house- using her internet to blog this for you all so you know I'm alive. I'm so thoughtful. I can't wait to get things up & running because I've a few pictures to share. So- hope you're all waiting with batied breath. Talk to you soon!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are we in Arlen, TX?

Yesterday after swim lessons, Quinlynne & I stopped at Quik Trip. I was feeling particularly horrible, I was so nauseated. So, I was getting myself something to drink to perhaps sip on and help, and I got Quinlynne a Sprite in her cup. As I'm doing this Quinlynne starts chatting it up with some man who apparently does HVAC work, at least that is what his shirt indicated. He was very nice. Quinlynne really had him entertained. Then, she says "What's your name?" He tells her his name is Bill. Quinlynne says "Just like on King of the Hill?" I died. I asked him if he understood what she said. He said he thought he did, but wasn't positive. The other lady standing at the fountain areas was snickering. I told him what Quinlynne had said. He laughed and said that's what he had thought. Does Quinlynne watch KOTH too much??? lol

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just some 4th of July pics

I've finally loaded & edited some of the pics on my memory card. I have some pretty cute ones from the 4th of July. We had a good time on the 4th. Aaron, Mandy, Abby & Cadyn came to stay with us for the weekend. Uncle Charlie & Aunt Connie came over on the 4th. We grilled out (or rather, Uncle Charlie manned the grill), ate & shot off some fireworks. Abby & Quinlynne did sparklers & played with little popper things. Cadyn konked out by the time it was fireworks time. Here are some pics. Oh, & Abby & Quinlynne played "So You Think You Can Dance" about funny!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poor, poor, poor me

WARNING: this is a poor, poor pitiful me post.
OK, I'm having a bit of a meltdown right now. I usually just grin and bear it- and it hopefully passes without anyone getting hurt. I had recently been on the verge of my depressive feelings, but today something sent me over the edge. Whenever we get announcements of people's impending nuptials, I do not look. Mom sometimes doesn't even tell me. I have been this way for quite a while. If any of you know me well enough, you know I don't attend bridal showers or open houses or receptions for people younger than me. I cannot deal with it. It makes me feel like a complete loser. So today, when I opened the piece of mail...I immediately kicked myself in the rear for looking at it. Afterwards, driving down the road, I looked in the mirror to see the dreaded ugly cry of my niece, Cadyn....(of course, she inherited it from me).
Not too long ago, I asked a friend if she knew the absolute worst part of being single. She offered a suggestion & I agreed that while her answer was a bad part of being single...I thought mine was worse. The ABSOLUTE worst part of being single is knowing that NO ONE wants you. This is a thought, and a reality that I face every day. No one wants me, or my daughter. No one wants me to be theirs, to take care of me and to allow me to take care of them.
The thing is- I don't understand what it is about me that is so repulsive to men. I'm not mean, I am not stupid, I am not lazy, I'm not ugly, I can carry on a respectable conversation, I try to help those less fortunate than myself, I try to live a Christ-centered life. (Oh- I also think I'm a fun person.) I have had girlfriends in the past suggest that I "dumb-it-down" when I first meet a guy. What the crap? Seriously? How am I supposed to dumb-it-down? And if that is what a man needs to make him feel like a man, would I seriously want to be with him? If he can't carry on a conversation that is intellectually stimulating? That would prove to be a terribly exciting long-term relationship, wouldn't it? And the thing is, I'm NOT that smart. Sheesh!
How on earth did I get to be 33 and still be single? I NEVER thought that would be me. I did everything I was taught to do. Still, no blessings of a companion. (I think that is why I made the poor decisions I made, when I got pregnant. I gave up. I mean, I was nearly 30!) Let me tell you, it is quite difficult to go to church every Sunday, looking at everyone sitting with their husbands. It makes me feel like...well...I can't appropriately verbalize how it makes me feel. Sufficeth it to say "bad".
This feeling of knowing that no one wants me is only intensified by having a child. I want my daughter to have someone who WANTS to be her dad. It makes my heart ache for her that no one wants me, therefore she does not have a dad.
Have I droned on enough now? Are you all rolling your eyes at me? I know. Please forgive this little whining. I may even delete it so there will be no evidence of my breakdown.

Poor, poor pitiful me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Little Venture

Hello! I wanted to let you all know that I have a new little venture going for myself. If you want to stop buy I know there are not many things on there yet, but please continue to stop buy and tell your friends about it. I would certainly appreciate it! It's just a little something I'm trying to do to make a little somethin' on the side. Like I said, I don't have a whole heck of a lot on there right now, but I'll add more....and if you have a blanket or something you'd like specific colors used on, I'd be willing to give it a shot! So, go HERE and check it out!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slip n Slide

A few weeks ago we went and spent a fun evening with some cousins. Quinlynne & Deacon hadn't had much of a chance to play together in quite a while, so they had a great time. They played on a little toy...that they're both too big for.
They got to play on the Slip n Slide. I think they played so long there was a mud puddle at the end of it.
They enjoyed running into one another. Deacon's mom & I thought they'd end up hurting themselves, but wasn't worth a big fuss. They'd learn one way or another.
They liked lying down together and playing like they were asleep.
It was so late that after the Slip n Slide we just put them all in a bath together.
Our kids looked absolutely adorable. Quinlynne tried to rub soap on Deacon, and Beck was just happy go lucky. Such cute kids!
After the bath we let them have ice cream. Thanks for the yummy ice cream, Daniel! I'm glad Quinlynne is getting to spend time with cousins....even if they are not first cousins!