Friday, May 27, 2011


We've been trying to grow Quinlynne's hair longer than normal. She & I both usually like to keep her hair a with about chin length. With curls like hers, when the hair starts getting long the ends look terrible, dry & it tangles like crazy. (Combing out tangles also does not help the ends look any better!) We've been trying a few more things to help it not look so dry & for her curls to stick together more. About once weekly I've been taking Organic Coconut Oil and finger-combing it through her hair. I also massage her scalp very well during this process. I then put a shower cap on her head, and she leaves it on for a few hours. Sometimes she sleeps with it on at times. Then when it is time to shower, we don't use shampoo. What??? No shampoo??? Are you freakin' nuts?? Are you disgusting & dirty or what?? We actually are doing a thing called co'pooing. We use conditioner to cleanse her hair. You wouldn't believe how nice, soft & healthy her hair is looking.
My cousin actually did her hair this day. But look- she's having to show off her soccer trophy!
I've also been trying to do more with her hair. I'm not the most creative with hair. I'm doing good to get mine done. I've been consulting some different websites to get ideas. Here are a few things we've been doing. Considering I do not know how to French braid (I really need to learn)- we're getting better. I've done this particular look this way, diagonally across her head, upside down, and in pigtails. She likes it! BTW- we have a hair appointment to get her hair cut tomorrow. She can't wait to get it cut- she wants to get it done...mainly because (I think) she likes her hairdresser, whose name is Peaches!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soccer, anyone?

Quinlynne has just completed her first season of soccer. She loved it. She really started catching on and got some hustle to her about halfway through the season. We were really blessed to have a team of 6 girls and all the girls got along, as did the parents. Doesn't that just make things so much easier? I think Quinlynne ended up scoring 4 goals over the duration of the season, and she is awfully proud of those. The last practice of the season was at Braum's & the coach bought the girls all some ice cream. (He then ordered himself a meal to wolf down before he had to go to a meeting and Quinlynne tried to just reach over and get herself a fry from his tray.) Each of the girls got a trophy, and Quinlynne is so proud of it. She keeps saying "It's my very first trophy!" As her mother- I hope she earns many more trophies- since she was so excited for this first one. I love to see the excitement at a tangible monument of her accomplishment. Way to go, Momma's Precious!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little bit o' Weather

I've grown up in Tornado Alley. I do not love Tornado Season. We do not head to the bathroom when the Tornado Warning hits- otherwise we'd be in the bathroom for days. We don't even head to the bathroom when the storm siren sounds. Instead, like every good Okie, when the siren sounds we go outside & look for the impending wall cloud or funnel coming towards us. We do not panic until we see the funnel starting above us or coming towards us. However, we do take precautions.
Last night we had quite a little storm system come through. The area we live in is between cities. So, when the news focuses in on the Oneta area, we know we're in trouble. The tornado that hit Haskell last night ended up coming just south of us, thank goodness. We did get a sudden downpour of rain and wind blowing different ways. Quinlynne has to prepare the bathroom "just in case". We put our sneakers on in case something were to happen- we'd have protection for our feet instead of our dear flip flops. Then we found a use for Quinlynne's helmet. Thank goodness!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oh my goodness, really??

I have been on a kick lately of visiting antique stores. It's my version of "going green". I'm reusing!! I thought to myself "Gee Shandolynne, you're really getting old when you go to these antique stores and you think 'I remember using that!!'" Then I said something about remembering the Otasco stores. The older gentleman working at the store said "You're THAT OLD??" I told him indeed I was, and I'd take it as a good sign that I looked good if he found it hard do believe I remembered Otascos. So- this is the Piece de Resistance: This morning Quinlynne was watching cartoons on Disney. In between the modern cartoons they show short classic cartoons. I told Quinlynne that those cartoons I used to watch when I was a little girl. (It was one with Daffy Duck.)
Quinlynne: On Disney Channel, momma??
Me: No. We didn't have Disney Channel, Quinlynne.
Quinlynne: Why not?
Me: We didn't have cable when I was little.
Long pause.
Quinlynne: Did you have electricity when you were little?
Long pause.
Me: Yes, Quinlynne!!! (snidely) We had electricity!!! We just didn't have cable yet.

Wonderful start to my Mother's Day! The child has a thing or two to learn about history.
For Mother's Day we had a fun picnic at one of the parks here in town. It was great to be able to spend time with my mom, Connie, Mandy, Aaron & my nieces, my cousin Penny & her husband John, and Uncle Charlie. We did use the new quilt, again! It was a beautiful day!! And to top it off?? I get to have my niece Cadyn this week! Quinlynne has already asked if she can pretend she's her little sister.

Its Maiden Picnic

Did I ever post that I have taken up a new hobby? For years now I have been wanting to quilt. I've always been quite daunted by it, though. I didn't have enough faith in my sewing abilities. So- I decided to grab the bull by the horns and go for it. It has been a little labor of love. I decided my first quilt was going to be something for Quinlynne & I. I picked colors that were kind of girly. I wanted this quilt to be one we could take on picnics, to sporting events, etc. (Let me interject here- a few days ago I went into an antiques shop & the lady there was quilting. I mentioned to her that I was almost finished with my first quilt. She could NOT believe that I was going to use it for the above listed purposes. Seriously?? I think quilts should be utilitarian.) Today we had a ward picnic, and I was excited to take the new quilt on its maiden picnic.
Quinlynne had to pose on the new quilt. She likes it a lot, I do believe. I can't wait to start my next quilt!!