Thursday, January 20, 2011

To start things off, here is a picture of my niece, Cadyn. Look at that little face. Can't you just see the ornery-ness? She is adorable! OK, the pictures are kind of going to be in a jumbled up order- but go with it.
Like I said earlier- we had to take a total of 6 flights to get to California and back. Finally, on the last flight, from Dallas to Tulsa, the pilot let Quinlynne come up to the cockpit. Apparently- they don't have wings to give kids anymore? But, she totally loved getting to see the cockpit!
This is a picture of me with my cousin Tasha's grandson, Kash. (Isn't it weird that my cousins have grandkids?? It's true on both sides of my family.) Kash is such a little cuddlebug!
This is me with my cousins Audra's grandson, Robert. They said he never smiles and he never wants his fingernails or toenails trimmed. Well- I had a hangnail so I asked for a pair of clippers. Robert saw me with them and climbed right up onto my lap. The boy must just sense how I feel about nail hygiene. AND- we got a picture of him smiling...with ME!

This is my Aunt Di with Quinlynne. We are on a pier here, one you can drive onto. We were over on this side of it trying to see if there were any sea lions on the lower deck. Isn't the water pretty?
This picture is of Quinlynne looking out the window of the car when she figured out that was the ocean we were driving next to. She thought it was soooo neat!
This is Quinlynne & Aunt Di again. Can you see the excitement on her little face? She couldn't believe we were driving on a pier!!