Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cookie madness

This week I decided Quinlynne was going to decorate sugar cookies for Christmas. I invited our neighbor kids over to help. I tried a new icing recipe, and I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan. I usually use more of a frosting....but I opted to go with an icing on this.

I totally can't stand making messes, so I just had to sit back and tell myself "it's all good" as Quinlynne was mixing two or three colors together on a cookie...with the sprinkles in there, too. What matters is- they had a good time.

Aren't these just the ugliest cookies you've ever seen? I'm sure they don't taste any different than ones that are beautifully decorated. Of course, to Quinlynne- they are beautiful and she was very proud of her hard work. Which, of course, makes me very proud of her end product as well.

After cookie decorating I parked the kids in front of the tv to watch a great Christmas show, a great family show with high standards..."King of the Hill". I absolutely love that show and have passed it along to Quinlynne! What great parenting skills.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


OK, I was looking at pictures of myself on that other friends have posted. I want to share with you....

Isn't that hilarious? That is a group of my friends when we were in the 8th grade. It must have been a Friday because we wore all black on Fridays. It was our thing...Let's see- there's (starting in the back) Alicia, Mandy, Me, Amanda, Bil, Sara, & Chris. In the middle it's April, Rachel and Judy. Then, in the front it's Jennifer, Kelli, Brenda and Lauri. No last names- because the majority of them have changed. Then, there's this beauty.

I think this is the summer before we started 9th grade....but not sure. That's Bil, Lauri and myself. I LOVED that shirt, it was Out Back Red. Anyone else remember that brand? Also, a little FYI- Bil is the first boy I ever kissed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Love starting the day with a chuckle

So, I was supposed to go to Tahlequah tomorrow morning for an annual thing to determine child support. I get a phone call this morning from the Tahlequah Child Support Office saying that burro (dumbass) called and wanted to do his portion over the phone and that I could too if I wanted to. I said that was fine. The first thing the lady said was "He wants to know if you want to waive any of the $17,000 in back child support that he owes,". I actually stifled the laughter and said "Um---no,". Then, throughout the entire thing that just kept coming back to mind and I was giggling. I finally apologized and the lady said "Well, glad I could start you off today with a laugh,". That you did, my friend! I mean, did Burro/Donor/Idiot really think that I'd waive that??? No- my kid doesn't need shoes, or clothing, or food..... what on earth was he thinking? He can be such an idiot- NOT the brightest bulb in the socket.

A picture that makes me chuckle

OK, this is a picture of Quinlynne I took in February. Every time I look at it- it just makes me chuckle. Look at those cute little legs!
This next pic was taken the same time as the above picture. We were in McKinney, TX visiting my friend Mia and her daughter and husband. Quinlynne just couldn't resist the temptation of the doggy door any longer. She had seen Tzigan (the dog) going in and out and had to follow suit. Kids are good for a few laughs at times.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Dangers of Snow Days

Quinlynne's school is closed when Broken Arrow Public Schools is closed. Thanks to our rural areas (our street included) Broken Arrow Public Schools were closed today. I had an interview today that was originally scheduled for 10:30. I really didn't want to go down my road until a few more cars had made the trek and paved a way for me. I rescheduled my appointment and asked the kids across the street if they'd watch Miss Q. Of course they could!

I had Quinlynne go in her room for about 30 minutes before it was time for me to leave for her to have some quiet time. Well, I get ready and go to her room to get her snow boots on. THIS is what I find.

The child had her water bottle out, her comb, and two different styling products. She did something very similar a few nights ago and I couldn't 't find exactly what it was she had used. This is water, Bouncy Creme by ISO, and Curls Rock by Catwalk. Yes- it's scary, isn't it?

Doesn't it bring to mind that scene from "Coming to America" when all the Soul Glo family members get up from the sofa and there's a huge grease mark where their heads were? I mean- yuck- look how gloppy it is! So- when stuck indoors- do not let Quinlynne have any alone time in her room. And she totally looks at me like I'm in the wrong for interrupting her time in her sanctuary. Pardon me!

Tyra Banks- watch out!

Quinlynne, that little sweetheart of mine...she is totally into "posing" for the camera now. Saturday night I was getting her ready for bed and she discovered she had a new pillowcase. How neat it is that she gets to sleep with Santa Claus right there beside her! So of course, she had to climb up and grab the pillow so I could take her picture with it.

Have I ever told you how much she likes nightgowns? She calls them "Jammie Dresses". She really likes this little white number with the red satin ribbon and the matching robe. I think she looks adorable in it- but judging from her pose in this picture, she must think she looks H-O-T! Doesn't she look like she thinks she's on the runway in Milan modeling Victoria's Million Dollar Bra?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Blog

Hello everyone! I have started a new blog and I won't be posting on this one any more. I got tired of the name. So- I've changed to So, you have to come check me out!

Trying to get it up and running

I'm trying to get this blog up and running. I decided I didn't like the name anymore. So- I'm trying to import everything from the old blog to this one. Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

She participated!

Quinlynne had a Christmas Program at her school tonight. (I didn't even know about it until I got a "Christmas Program Reminder" that was sent home with her on Monday! ack!) So, I had her dressed in "Sunday best" and at her school at 6:30 this evening. I had no clue what to expect. I had been asking her what she was going to do in her program and she never would answer. The kids (ages 2-4) were so cute walking into the chapel. Quinlynne's class had their turn and I just didn't know how she would do....would she stand there like a bump on a log, or would she actually participate?
I had my doubts as she was walking in...she looked too ornery.
But she started participating, even with the hand motions to "Away in a Manger"!
She even did the big gesture at the end of the song! Ah- it does a mother's heart good when her sometimes "horned" child acts so angelic and participates!
Quinlynne was SOOO excited that her Uncle Charlie came. She had to tell all the kids standing around her on the stage that he was there!
Quinlynne and her Miss Sarah. This is Quinlynne's teacher- one of the ones Q cries for when we leave school.
All in all, I was so proud of my Little Angel. She was excited to sing the songs she'd been preparing. I hope she does this well in her first Primary Program that will be coming up way too soon, since she'll be a Sunbeam starting in a few weeks!

Shiny Happy People

Monday night my friend Brenda & I took our kids (minus Baby Seth) to see Christmas lights at our local Bible College. They have so many lights it's.....I have no words. We let the kids run wild and I think they had quite a good time, even though it was a bit warm for the Christmas mood (65 degrees) and it started raining on us.
Brigham, Quinlynne & Hunter posing in front of some shiny lights.
Brigham & Quinlynne found lots of different colors- I think Quinlynne was looking at the lights dancing in the background and Brigham was just being "cool".
Quinlynne just wanted to be the "center" of attention.
It's been nice having Brenda and her boys here. It is great to have our kids get to know one another. I told Brenda that it's so odd that our kids don't just know who Shandolynne or Brenda are- since she and I have been such an integral part of one another's lives for...25 years now. So- it's been nice and I'll continue to enjoy it as long as we can!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Increasingly Difficult Mrs. Claus

Each Christmas of Quinlynne's life I have had an adorable Mrs. Claus dress for her. I tell you, it's getting increasingly difficult to get cute pictures of her in them. Please enjoy.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We put our Christmas Tree up last week. It's a chore of love, that's for sure! Since my back was bothering me so badly, I was not able to hang the decorations. I did however, assemble the tree and hang the lights and the silver beads. I just LOVE the way the Christmas Tree looks each year. There is something magical about them, do you agree? Even when I have lived all by my lonesome, I always put a Christmas tree up to enjoy. Christmas trees are always an interesting and personal thing. Like- do you have a theme for your tree, or is it a mish-mosh? Do you abhor icicles or do you rain them down onto the tree from the ceiling fan? Clear lights or multi-colored lights? In our family our tree is decorated with a conglomeration of ornaments that have been collected over the years. You see, each person in our family gets an ornament each year that has significant meaning for something that person is into at that time. For instance- I have in my collection Barbie, Cookie Monster, ballerinas, an OU Sooner Schooner, etc. For my own family (Quinlynne and I) I have a beautiful letter "Q" that I hang and I got an "S" to match it for myself. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love her initial????) I also have a silver circular picture frame ornament from Restoration Hardware that I put a picture of Quinlynne in each year. Some people have a color theme for their tree- some people put bows all over their tree, some people put "snow" on their tree, and I could go on and on. Share with me what you do with your tree! I think it's neat to hear these sorts of things.

Anyhow, so our tree went up. Quinlynne apparently decided she needed to make a contribution to the tree. And this is what it was: a pacifier. She took that cute little thing she had been playing with and hung it on a branch, then turned around and told her Grandi and I "DON'T touch it". She has heard that enough already....maybe she'll catch on. Anyhow- I thought it was humorous and I had to take a picture.

Also, another tradition under our tree is Santa. The Sleeping Santa always goes under the tree and either Aaron or I got to put him there. This year Quinlynne had the honor of placing him under the tree. Santa is a tired man! I always look forward to seeing him under there. Share with me neat and interesting things in your family tree traditions!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Every year we go to Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch in Bixby, OK. The Hoffman family has gone there for forever- even have pictures of my brother and I there when I was in Middle School! The first year Quinlynne was with us (2005), Aaron came home from OSU so he could be there for Quinlynne's first Pumpkin Patch trip.

Each year pictures with Quinlynne and the Pumpkin Patch have gotten harder and harder. Does she actually think we're there for her to have fun???? NO!!!! We're there for picture ops! lol So, I did get just a couple of cute ones this year. Quinlynne had a ball climbing on the pumpkins, trying to make friends with all the other kids there, and chasing a turkey that was wandering around. She finally helped pick pumpkins for us (we get a pumpkin to represent each person in our family), and we headed on out. Oh yes- Uncle Charlie and Aunt Connie met us there just as Quin was riding her pony. She thought she was just IT!
Afterwards, we went to eat at the Chinese Buffet at 141st & Memorial. That has also recently become part of the tradition. Yummy!