Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well hello there!

I know it's been a bit since I last blogged. It's not because NOTHING noteworthy has been happening. You see, I've been busy trying to NOT fail this OB course I'm in right now. The tests are real....humdingers; I"m not even the only one who says this. I won't get into it right now. But sufficeth it to say- I've cried, I've thought of taking a stronger dose of Paxil, I've prayed...let's hope it all works.
In this time interim, we've had the fun experience of getting to spend time with the Kansas Hoffmans. I took some pics of Miss Baby Cadyn fresh from a bath. Adorable.
I promise I did not put that bruise on her forehead. I do enjoy that little girl. She now has her first pair of walkers & is walking. That's right ladies & gentlemen... she is walking before 10 months. Advanced, that's what she is!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This kid just keeps 'em coming

Wednesday morning I was getting Quinlynne dressed for school. Or was it Friday? Either way- she was excited to be wearing the outfit I had for her. She was wearing a black knit skort with red, white & pink hearts on it, a black t-shirt with pink, red & rhinestone sparklies that made a heart. I let her wear a pink bolero style cardigan with that. I also put her hair up in pigtails & tied pink ribbon around those. The kid looked adorable. She was so excited about this outfit. We're sitting on her bed & she said "Hold on momma!" She then cupped one hand over her mouth and put the other hand cupped behind her ear. I could hear her talking. She finished & then said """OOOh- wait one more second!" She repeated this. I wondered to myself if we had an imaginary friend making an appearance. I asked her what she was doing. her response was "Oh, I was just tellin' myself a secret." Do you know how hard it was to just simply nod my head in understanding when I wanted to bust a gut? How cute is that??
The second thing happened this evening. Mom, Quinlynne & I were at Wal-Mart. Out of nowhere Quinlynne tells me she wants a baby brother. I ask her what she wants him to look like. She tells me she wants him to look like her...brown eyes, brown hair- but she thinks his hair should maybe be straight. Then she decides maybe a little baby sister should be the way to go. She asks me when I can do this for her. I'm just baffled- what do I say? She then said "Momma, you gotta get married first?" I reply that I do. She continues asking what these new siblings' names should be. Then she's asking me about her "new daddy". Does this kid know something I don't? Anyhow- we make it home. We turn on the TV a bit later & there is a movie on that has a wedding scene in it. Quinlynne turns to look at me and says "Momma, why are you watching this? So you can learn how to get married?" Again, trying to NOT laugh I tell her that's exactly why I'm watching it. Sometimes I can just see the gears churning in her head!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Just thought you'd like to know that we're in for some more bad weather. Oh heavens- joy.
In the meantime- Quinlynne has said some pretty funny things lately.
Quinlynne is already planning her birthday party. Keep in mind her birthday is in August. She was making lists of "good" & "not so good" kids. The kids that make good choices are the kids she is apparently going to invite to her birthday party. She would take a scratch pad and write each kid's name on a piece, then tear it off. She then tried to stick postage stamps on each piece of "addressed" paper. Well- these piece of paper were all over the living room & it was driving me nuts. I asked her several times to throw them away. She did not comply. I couldn't handle it any longer. I finally MADE her throw them away. This apparently just broke her heart & ticked her off. She confronted me in the hallway and said "When your mother gets home, I'm telling her you made me throw away my birfday lists!"
Today, Quinlynne got up before either mom or myself. Quinlynne had apparently helped herself to a small little chocolate shake I had made for her the night before & placed in the refrigerator. She came into my bedroom & told me she had spilled it & I told her to clean it. So, a few minutes later I get up and I see the mess. I squirt cleaner on it. It is really time that Quinlynne needs to get to school, but I don't want to take her. I tell her to go wake up Grandi & ask her to take her to school. The kid stood in front of me, pointed to the mess on the floor and said (with eyes as big as saucers) "I don't want her to see THIS!"
OK, one more.....Last week I was running late for the time I wanted to depart the house. I was not planning on taking Quinlynne to school, but mom assumed I was so...... I was trying to bark orders to get Quinlynne moving more quickly. I said "Hurry Quinlynne! We're running late. We've GOT to go!" She was standing there doing something at her dresser. She said "I'm hurrying. I can't run late to school, or else I'm gonna get fired. Dang it."
This kid, I tell you what!