Saturday, January 31, 2009

Read my lips....

OK, this is going to be a short entry. I am SOOOOO supposed to be studying for my first nursing exam, which is Monday. BUT- Quinlynne went to a birthday party today. It was a party for her betrothed's brother, Elijah. After the party, Quinlynne went with Isaiah's family to eat, then home to play. Angie, Isaiah's mom, had to call me to tell me some of the hilarious things she's done.
Apparently they all went out to eat. Isaiah was sitting beside Quinlynne at the table. He kept tapping her arm and saying "hey", trying to get her attention. Angie said he said "Hey" about 50 times and finally Quinlynne turned to him and said "My name is not 'Hey', it is Quinlynne,". Angie said Quinlynne continued looking at him and very slowly, enunciating each sound said "QUIN-LYNNE". I was rolling with laughter. I asked Angie how she kept a straight face and she said she couldn't. I have no clue, no clue I tell you, where she could have picked up something like that. (Looking all over for the cluprit, I am!)
Also, I guess Quinlynne had been trying to get Angie's attention. Finally Quinlynne said "Angie", and Angie said "Yeah?" Quinlynne looked at her- straight faced and said "We don't say 'yeah', we say 'yes?',". Angie said she felt very.....corrected and said "Oh, okay". Apparently my mom has been working with Quinlynne on not saying YEAH this week. It's working!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who says we don't get winter weather?

As many of you know, I lived in Minnesota for 2 winters. If any of you have ever spent time there- you'd know why I say "two winters", instead of how ever many months it was. Many of the people there did not think that we actually got winter weather in Oklahoma. I kept trying to tell them that while we didn't get ANYWHERE nearly as much snow as they did...we could definitely beat them with the ice. During my time in the Frozen Land, I never had to use the actual ice scraper part of my ice scraper. If I did, it was just to scrape the snow off my windshield after it had re-frozen. It could snow 7 inches in an hour, and I just had to use my brush end of the ice scraper in order to clear my windshield. Here, in good old Oklahoma....not so much. We have to scrape and scrape and scrape in order to clear our windshields sometimes. I took a few pictures today of the ice we received. It is not anywhere nearly as bad as it was during the December 2007 ice storm.

This is our firewood. Right now I have to bring it inside a little at a time and place it on a towel, to try and let the ice thaw from it before I can put it in the fireplace.

This is Quinlynne's little swimming pool. Care for a swim?

This is one of our flower pots outside the front door. I don't know how many of them will rebloom in the Spring.
What we have is a couple layers of ice, some sleet, a tich of snow, then more sleet. What you see on the ground that is white and looks like snow is actually just a lot and lot of sleet!

Monday, January 26, 2009

MY Favorite Five

So, I was reading my friend Joni's blog. She has a great blog and she's super crafty, and intelligent, and beautiful, and nice, etc. It kind of makes me ill. Anyhow, I was tagged on her blog to share my favorite 5 things. I have never done anything like this. It could be a bit challenging for me.

1)Let's see....obviously- I love my family. My parents are great and have taught me many lessons- both good and bad. My brother and I used to be the closest. Not so much any more. I pray our closeness can one day return- he's probably the greatest guy I know. It makes me very sad that we are not the friends we used to be, but like I said- I pray that we can return to what we used to have. You all know how I feel about my Precious, Quinlynne. (I will insert here that I love Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. I feel as though they should be mentioned here because Heavenly Father IS my Father in Heaven and Christ is my elder brother, my Savior.)

2) I LOVE to travel. I am usually up for a roadtrip. Perhaps that comes from my truck driver father? I got to see much of the United States thanks to my dad. I've even seen lots of it on the back of a motorcycle. The Hoffmans never took a vacation if it wasn't in the truck- we gotta make money if we're going someplace. "If the truck's sittin' still, we're not makin' any money." I have been to Europe, too. Loved-it! Back to the roadtrips- nothing beats driving 80 mph on our highways with the sunroof open and good music playing, sun shining down...ahhh- I can feel it now!

3) I love the National Lampoons Vacation movies. I know I have mentioned this previously- but I can watch those movies over and over and over. My family IS the Griswolds. My dad was the perfect combination of Cousin Eddie and Clark W. Griswold. Just ask anyone who knew him. Our family watches these movies repeatedly- and we STILL laugh at them!

4) I love a good adrenaline rush. This could be part of the reason I am back in school to become a Registered Nurse. Granted, I like helping people, I like learning something new every shift I work, I like helping teach someone something I already know, I like seeing people's health improve. However, I LOVE the adrenaline rush of a Code Blue, of a patient coming in with his ear hanging by a thin piece of skin, of a person having reactions to meds that are not expected and they try to rip out IVs, rip off their clothes, etc., the anticipation of a trauma patient being life flighted in and being on the "front lines". Is that sick and wrong of me? This could be part of the reason I enjoy driving so fast. (I once had my Jetta at 134 mph between Hobbs, NM and Carlsbad, NM.)

5) I love dancing. I know- you wouldn't think someone who looks like me would have such a passion for dancing. I do, though. I love ballet (12 yrs), tap (20 yrs), jazz (7 or so yrs), salsa, waltz, (not so much on the contemporary side), etc. My TRUE, TRUE love is tap. I would take a picture of my tap shoes and post on this- but they are packed away in storage. I cannot watch a good tap number without tears coming to my eyes.
Whom shall I tag to share their favorite 5?? How about Natalie, Angie, Brenda, Mia & Rachel?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Commander in Chief

I am a proud citizen of the United States of America. I am a woman who feels quite passionately about our country, its citizens, our freedoms, and its leaders. I do not take lightly the rights I have as a citizen, and the rights which have been lobbied and fought for so I may live and enjoy this land. I love our military and its service men and women (not just the way they look in uniform), and am so thankful to them. The sight of our Stars & Stripes waving proudly brings tears to my eyes. I love the United States and I love the fact that I am an American.
Several years ago (1993) I had the opportunity to travel to the District of Columbia and participate in the Inauguration of President Bill Clinton. The feelings I had in that city are feelings I have yet to be moved by since. Granted, it was quite an eye-opening experience for us sheltered children from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma- THE buckle of the Bible Belt- but one that will always be remembered by every single one of us then teenagers. Needless to say, watching the Inauguration of President Barack Obama brought back many of those same feelings and many memories. I had tears in my eyes as I watched President Obama take the Oath of Office, using the same Bible that President Lincoln used. I am so proud of that man and his family. Look at the large things this man has accomplished in his few years. As I watched the Inaugural Parade, and I saw the area where the President sits, I remember marching past it with my frozen toes and shoes covered with equine droppings. I remember seeing President Clinton and Hillary in her awesome hat watching us. I felt like I was right there once again.
I have a friend, Barry Lenard, who was able to travel to Washington D.C. to witness the inauguration of our 44th President. Here is a quote from something he wrote. "I've spent the last two days in D. C., mingling with an ecclectic group of humanity all intent on witnessing a most unprecedented moment in human history: a free nation, freely appointing to its highest leadership position, a member of a minority group," and "So whether or not you voted for Barack Obama, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or an Independent or a Federalist or a Wig, remember that today, you're an American; and remember that that singular fact is pretty special,".
May President Obama receive the prayers and good intentions of the citizens of the United States. I know he will be in my prayers, as well as his family.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Someone playing footsie?

Quinlynne spent Saturday with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Connie. She informed Aunt Connie that she needed her fingernails AND toenails painted. So, Aunt Connie was more than willing to go with that. Quinlynne came home with red fingernails and toenails. It wasn't until Sunday morning when we were getting ready for church that Quinlynne realized my toenails were red, too. When we came home from church, Quinlynne whipped off her shoes and tights to show Grandi that our toes indeed did match. (She's very big into things "matching". I think it goes with that age.) Grandi grabbed the camera and took a couple of shots. Please overlook the markings on my feet where my shoes were digging in a little. I apparently was having a pudgy feet day. That happens every now and then to me...ever since I was pregnant with that adorable little curly headed monster.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Background

So, what do you all think of my new background? HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY background, you may ask.?! (I'm not sure what punctuation to put there.) Yes. My dear friend Angie was nice enough to help my "slow" rear out when I couldn't figure out what in the heck I had done to my blog. So, I got to choose a new background. I was looking at some really pretty general ones, then I saw the absolutely adorable Valentine's Day backgrounds. I ALMOST went with those, but I just can't celebrate that forsaken holiday any longer than is absolutely necessary. (Have I ever told you how I feel about Valentine's Day? Let's see- I'm 33 and I've never been use your powers of deductive reasoning to figure it out. It hasn't been all fun and games, turning men away that has gotten me to this point in my life.) So, I chose the Groundhog Day background- it's totally under celebrated, if you ask me. Unless of course, you live in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coupla questions

OK, couple of questions about the girl in this video. 1) Does she have the same ligaments, tendons, bones, etc. that the rest of us have? and 2) Do you think she'll have arthritis when she gets old? Goodness! That's amazing, and beautiful to watch!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


OK- since I was talking about this on my last blog, I did some research. Now, I know everyone is hot/handsome/beautiful in t heir own way. BUT- check out these Big 12 Conference football coaches.

Bo Pelini from Nebraska.
Gary Pinkel from Mizzou.
Nolan Cromwell from Texas A&M- offensive coordinator.
Paul Rhodes from Iowa State.
Mike Gundy from Oklahoma State.
Bob Stoops from Oklahoma.
Am I right, are these men handsome, or what???? That's IN ADDITION TO the fine jobs they do with the young men they coach!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cute sayings

I keep on trying to remember to write down in my journal to Quinlynne some of the cute things she says. So, before I forget- one of the top things I LOVE that she says is "Tomorning". It is a cross between, obviously, tomorrow and morning. She gets up in the morning, or in the middle of the night sometimes and says "Can I watch Barbie now? It's tomorning!" I thought she would say it a few times and then stop. But honestly, I think she believes it is a true word. Perhaps it is in Quinlynneland.

Also, just a few minutes ago she woke up and said "My music stopped, I need it again." (Well, child, your music stopped a few hours ago- but ya know, whatever.) When she went to bed, I was not home. I had been out with my friend Brenda- being a menace to society at a few of our favorite places. So, when she came into the kitchen to get a drink she didn't see me sitting at the computer in the dining room. When she finally did she said "Good Morning, night." It just made me chuckle a bit.

While I'm on here, I'd like to express my sadness for the OU football players. Sorry, boys! My heart was with you- but it just didn't happen tonight. I'm not a HUGE sports fan (I'll hold while you feign shock), but I do like to get in on the 3rd & 4th quarters of football games. (BTW- I detest professional sports and won't watch any of those games.) I'm still proud to be a SOONER, though! I'll also admit that I just love to watch some Bob Stoops! Have you noticed how good looking the vast majority of the Big 12 football coaches are? Just today I learned of at least 4 more people that appreciate the gifts Bob Stoops' parents gave him; my friend and decided he is very popular with ladies in their 30s! Oh- and he does a fine job with his players, too! BOOMER--------SOONER!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Pictures, finally

I am finally going to post some Christmas Pictures.
Quinlynne writing her letter to Santa.
Showing off her new PJs Mrs. Claus made for her and brought on Christmas Eve. If you can't tell- they're flannel and they have Santa's jacket and drawers hanging on a clothes line!
Remains of Santa's snack and the note he left for Quinlynne.
Showing off her Ariel umbrella.
A new Barbie that Santa left for her.
Putting her "haul" in her new Tonka dump truck. Her first Christmas, she was 4 months old. My dad and I talked about how she would need a Tonka dump truck. But, I wouldn't settle for any old Tonka dump truck. She needs a METAL one, do you know how hard those are to find nowadays??? So, Santa's helper went shopping a couple of days before Christmas and the first thing she saw was a Tonka dump truck and front loader set...she knew her husband would have looked no further- and she purchased the set on behalf of her husband, Quinlynne's Poppa.
After we opened our presents, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Connie came over and had brunch with us. This is Uncle Charlie playing a matching game with Quinlynne.
After brunch we packed up our stuff and headed to my brother's family's place in Kansas. Quinlynne was SOOO excited to go to Kansas and see her Uncle Aaron. The only way I convinced her to get in the van (to drive there) was she could watch The Polar Express all the way there. By the way- did I mention that she watched The Polar Express on Christmas Eve (CJ and Penny got it for her last year and thought it would be a neat Christmas Eve tradition for her to watch that)....and I almost couldn't get her to get out of bed Christmas morning, she wanted to watch the movie again!!! Anyhow, she and her cousin, Abby, played dress up. This is Quinlynne in a hot pink wig with a tiara. Very becoming.
This is Quinlynne in another of Abby's dress-up outfits. Kind of hoochie-momma-ish, isn't it? I better never catch her trying to wear something like this once she has a chest that requires a bra!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Christmas Train

SO, my friend Angie called me right after Thanksgiving, I think it was, and asked if my family would like to accompany her family to the Dry Gulch Christmas Train. I thought about it for a while, and finally said yes. I had reservations about going, because it is run by a particular church that doesn't exactly worship our Lord in a way I see as reverent. (I detest going to fun things and then "Come get saved in front of everyone" forced down my throat.) BUT- I had visited the Dry Gulch grounds before and I thought it was a cute little place. So SURE- we'll go with you, Angie!

The day of The Christmas Train comes and it is absolutely frigidly freezing. I'm not kidding. And it was windy. The tickets were not transferable or refundable. So, we layered our clothing and grabbed blankets and headed out. I do believe the car thermometer said it was 9 degrees at some points during the drive. I was NOT looking forward to this. We started walking and tears literally came to my eyes as I was walking. Tears from cold and wind. We found Santa's house and sought refuge there. That's where we got some cute little pics of Quin and Isaiah.
Oh- and these....
Hot Mommas!
Here is my overall review of The Christmas Train. It was NOT what I expected. The train ride was neat, but it did not have Christmas lights at all. It took you through the story of Christ's life. NO Christmas lights. The only Christmas lights in the whole thing were the pretty clear lights that outlined all the buildings there on the grounds. IF you do go- eat in Pryor before you get there. They say food is available there, and it is "fast-food pricing". Well, let me tell you, I have never taken a family of 3 to Mickey D's and spent $24. Angie's family is a family of 4 and they spent $46! So- eat before you get there. Also, try to go earlier in the month before it gets too cold. It would have been better had the kids been able to play on the play toys, and more enjoyable to walk around. Oh- and I was right....after the train ride you're ushered into a theater and you watch a video....and the founder of Dry Gulch asks you to say "A little prayer" with him. I just looked at Angie and afterwards said "I told you so!"
OH- and a picture to give you all a good laugh-
Doesn't she look like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation during his sled ride??? TEE HEE

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Nutcracker

It is a tradition for my aunt, Charlsie, to take my cousin, CJ, to the Nutcracker each year. Last year they contemplated asking if Quinlynne could go with them. Ultimately, it was decided that she was a bit too young to take last year. CJ decided that Quinlynne needed to get a movie version of The Nutcracker for Quinlynne to watch during the "bone-up" on the ballet. (That is how he learned all about it and came to love it.) So, last year Quinlynne got the Tom & Jerry version of The Nutcracker. She loved it. THEN I also found the Barbie version of The Nutcracker, which Quinlynne also loved. So- tickets were purchased and Charlsie & Penny (my cousin- CJ's mom) came up to take Quinlynne to the Tulsa Ballet version of The Nutcracker.

Boy were they excited! They had great seats in the cheaper part of the Orchestra section, near an aisle. Quinlynne apparently wanted to stand up a few times, so Penny let her. They said she got a little restless towards intermission, but overall, she was a good girl. She was so good she got a Nutcracker ornament from the Tulsa Ballet for the Christmas tree!

This is Quinlynne coming out of the Performing Arts Center. Doesn't she just look...cute?

This is Charlsie, Quinlynne and Penny showing me where they'd been...The Nutcracker. It had turned off quite chilly- like it had dropped 15 degrees while they were in there, so Penny was telling me to hurry and get the picture! I think it's something that will have to continue to be a tradition!

Ice Skatin' in Oklahoma??

"Ice skatin' in Oklahoma???" You have to say that with a big twang and drawl. Yes, this was the first year that we had an outdoor ice skating rink in Tulsa. It premiered at Thanksgiving was open through New Years. I kept wanting to take Quinlynne earlier- but my back was giving me fits, so I didn't think strapping on a pair of ice skates was the brightest idea. Finally, 5 days before Christmas I got up the gumption to take Quinlynne. Now- I lived in Minnesota for a couple of winters and outdoor ice rinks are nothing big there...that's where they have the local hockey practice...they're in practically every school yard. Still- I marveled every time I passed one. So- I had to jump on this....

On the way there, I told Quinlynne we were going to skate on the ice. She asked where and I told her "Downtown". So- she thought she was big stuff when Grandi got in the car and she told Grandi "We're goin' downtown to skate! I gonna do a pirouette." No clue how she knew pirouettes occurred on the ice- but by golly- she was gonna do one. After we got everything strapped on and we wobbled our way to the ice....well, let's just say that perhaps next year Quinlynne will attempt a pirouette on the ice. I think the experience would have been better 1) had I found her mittens and brought them with me, 2) I been able to wear regular shoes on the ice and had a stronger foundation, if you will. After a few falls and frozen hands, Quinlynne decided she wanted a "ham-mummer" and wanted to leave.

She hung on to the side for dear life (like her Momma did).

Yes, take a look at that face- doesn't she look happy and comfortable?

Ah- there's always next year.