Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Doctor

So, I got a letter a few weeks ago saying that Dr. Smith was no longer with South Tulsa Maternity & Pediatrics, so Quin's records had been transferred to another practice. I was a little confused because Dr. Smith was not her PCP. Anyhow, after Quinlynne's visit to the ER with her bladder infection it was time for a follow up with her PCP. Long story short, I had to look all over for a new PCP, and it turns out I was able to get in with a doctor in the practice where the original letter said her records had been sent. Her new PCP is a very nice man. When I took Quinlynne in for her follow up, I was so impressed with how caring, questioning and what a good listener he is. Mom took Quinlynne to the doctor today (she has green snot and again about her bowel issues) and Mom was quite impressed with him, too. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my first impression of this new doctor was a correct first impression!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Prayers of Comfort needed

Many of you may have heard me talk about my friend, Brenda. Brenda is pregnant with she and her husband Matt's 3rd baby....another boy! Brenda is scheduled for her c-section a month from today on October 8. She has been experiencing a few difficulties with this pregnancy- so she's been in my prayers an extra amount. Brenda and the boys are scheduled to come to Broken Arrow for a few months while Matt finishes film school in Los Angeles. After Matt finishes this schooling, the whole fam is moving to Hollywood...Santa Clarita I think. I have been having a feeling that Brenda needs me- and I had just talked to her about coming out to help her pack up the house, help with the last minute things for the baby, etc. She is busy making her sister's wedding announcements- so she said she was concentrating on that first- then she would work on the house.
Mom came home from church yesterday with terrible news. Matt was on his way home from LA (he has been going out there every other weekend to work on some film stuff and the guys he's working with have been coming to AZ on the other weekends) and he was killed in a car accident. Apparently there was a tractor-trailer that had just overturned in the highway, so there were no markers or lights. An SUV had also run into the trailer, then Matt did. My poor, poor friend. Brenda's mom was able to fly out Sunday evening, and Brenda's brother and sister in-law do live nearby. They were able to be there with her yesterday. I don't want to call her, as I know how terribly, terribly busy it is when someone in your household dies. I need to be there for her. I do love my friend so much. I know this is awfully cliche-ish, but she is closer than a sister to me.
She and I were just talking on Saturday about different people's situations and how reading about them on their blogs, or other places, really puts your problems into perspective. She was saying how at least her "trials and tribulations" were not leaving any scars. (In reference to the Nielsons in Mesa, AZ...have you read about them?) So, if you could please keep my friend and her family in your prayers- at least for comfort- I know without a doubt that our Father will hear them and His arm around her to comfort her.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

yummy dinner

OK- I know this is so strange, because I am taking pictures of my food. However, I made a very pretty dinner this week. I grilled chicken, then put sauteed mushrooms and onions. I then placed fresh spinach leaves, the sauteed vegetables and melted meunster cheese on top of the chicken.

I also fried some okra. Now normally, my fried okra has chunks here and there- but this turned out quite pretty as well. The okra was nice and tender and fresh....yummy! We also had some toasted sour dough bread. All in all- I obviously thought it was picture-worthy. I think myGranny would have even been proud of the okra!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another UTI

My poor, poor baby.... This past Saturday Quinlynne was crankier than is her norm. I mean, she would just start crying for no reason and was yelling at both Grandi and myself. I was beginning to think I may need to trade her in. I knew she felt a little warm and clammy at times as well. Well, Sunday morning Grandi came in the living room to tell me that Quinlynne had another UTI. Quinlynne had a low fever, and every time she had to urinate she would cry. I'm not talking about whining a bit- but full on crying and holding her potty. She had urinary frequency and sometimes could not control it.

With it being a holiday weekend, I knew we could not wait to get in to see her doctor with the kind of urethral pain she was having. I had to go to church and direct the music. I really haven't been at church for the past 2 months. Mom had not arranged for a substitute for her Primary class. So- it was decided that Grandi would take Quinlynne to the ER to start the waiting process and I would meet them there after the firs 2 hours of church.

Grandi took Quinlynne to St. Francis South. Ends up, the nurse that took care of her was my old school nurse- and mom had taught her daughter! Apparently Quinlynne had quite the time giving a urine specimen. Grandi was afraid they were going to straight cath her- but they were able to get a specimen. (Come to find out- Quinlynne would not go potty in the potty hat for a reason. She told Grandi later that she didn't want to put the "hat" on her head after she'd gone pee pee in it.) Quinlynne in fact, has a UTI.

Quinlynne had been a very good girl. She had played on her laptop, read some books, My Little Pony and Barbie had several conversations. She even took her stethascope so she could listen to the hearts of the doctor and nurse. As we were leaving she told the doctor "Thank you. Thank you for the medicine that make me feel better." Isn't that sweet?

Anyhow- I asked the PA that was there in the ER if she thought it was odd that this was Quinlynne's SECOND UTI that we knew about. She did think it was "noteworthy", and encouraged me to mention this to her PCP. Quinlynne has a new PCP that she will be seeing Friday. I hope the doctor will take me seriously and address my concerns with Quinlynne's bowels and her urinary issues. I hope she doesn't have some sort of urinary reflux! What will they do with that??

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More birthday

OK, I'm not a mom that is all about helmets and pads. But, she'll need them for a few activities at school. Doesn't she look hilariously cute?
Quinlynne getting in some car action with the boys.
Quinlynne kicked out by the boys and their cars.
Is this REALLY for me??? Isaiah & Sarah looking too.
With her butterfly purse and snazzy dress up shoes.
With her new scooter from her Uncles....Charlie & Connie.