Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Embarrassing Mom Moment

OK, I know there are plenty of embarrassing moments as a mom. But, this was the first time I actually wanted the earth to open up and swallow me whole.
Here is the scenario: Mom, Quinlynne & I were in the Walmart in Coweta. Mom was pushing the basket, I was walking alongside her, and Quinlynne was in front of the cart. (I miss the days when she wanted to ride int he basket.) This lady in shorts that were too short for her (just cause they make it in your size don't mean you should wear it), a black tshirt, and carrying a 12 pack of Bud Light came out of an aisle. Quinlynne says "Momma, she's fat!!!" I wanted to die. I didn't have any idea what to do. I turned to mom with my mouth open 6 feet wide. Luckily, Mom stepped in and told Quinlynne that we don't say that about people, it's mean & it hurts their feelings.

I was sweating. Literally, I was short of breath and I had perspiration over my entire face. I pray that woman did NOT hear my loud-mouth daughter. I mean, what does Quinlynne think her mom is? I wanted to tell her that, but why tell her negative things when she'll learn them soon enough already? Where on earth has she heard this? I never say that about someone, because I am self-conscious about it myself. Has anyone else ever had their kid say something embarrassing like this? What did you do?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dangers of the heat

Here is a reason why one should remember to bring one's belongings in from the car when the actual temperature is 104 degrees farenheit.

This is the result when you leave half a bottle of gummy bear vitamins in the car. They come out in one big, fat, blob.
I'm not gonna let those things go to waste! I guess I'll cut the blob up into pieces and continue to distribute them to my daughter.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yet another single girl story

OK, gals, here is another story from the chronicles of my life as a single gal.
There is a guy I have tried to date, on & off, for a couple of years now. I'm not a huge fan of him, but ladies...friends....sometimes I just yearn for the companionship of a man. I'm not saying I yearn for....."relations"....but companionship. And, the companionship is a little better when you know that man finds you attractive.
I will refrain from giving you ALL the past reasons why I have decided this guy is NOT for me. Let me give you this most recent happening. OK, he is always gritchin' & complaining that he never has a home-cooked meal. He works at a place where many times he does not get off before 9:00. He will call me sometimes around 5:00- 5:30 or so and ask what I'm making for dinner. Well, if I'm working, I have not gotten to that point yet. I'm still trying to get my kid & get home from work. He starts asking about the food preparation & says "well, I just sit here & start thinking about everyone at their houses, making dinner, & it makes me wish I was getting a home-cooked meal, too." Whatever.
So, last week I called him and asked him over to dinner. I had made barbecue pork ribs in a crock pot, bean salad, & Green Giant steamables potatoes & green beans with Rosemary butter sauce. First of all, he wants me to make him a plate & bring it to him at work. Uh....no. I said "I don't think so. I'm the one with the kid & I have to get her in bed." He tells me that my mom can probably put her in bed. Truth is- I don't want to be alone with him that long. SO, he ends up coming over. He's in the kitchen making his plate. He asks me where the green beans & potatoes are. I show him the package. He says "Oh, I thought you had made a big mess of homemade potatoes & green beans." That irritated me. We go into the living room & sit down (my uncle & mom were in the dining room), & he tries a bite of the Green Giant vegetables. He does not like them & feels free to tell me this. He said "what is this on these potatoes? Saffron?" I'm thinking to myself "do you even know what saffron is? AND, it's rosemary, as thus indicated by the 'rosemary butter sauce' on the label".
We finish eating (he had seconds), and we're sitting on the sofa together. Out of the blue he says "You know what would have gone good with that meal? Pasta salad." Me "I don't do pasta salad." Him "You don't do pasta salad???" Me "I'm not a pasta salad kinda girl. There's just not very many of them that I like, so I don't make them." Him "Not even the ones that are mainly macaroni??" Does anyone else find this unsolicited advice irritating? I made the dinner for myself & my family. Don't kick a gift horse in the mouth.
THEN....you'll love this.... We're watching TV & he turns to me and says "Would you like to rub my feet?" Me "No I would not." The ONLY way to describe the look he gave me is incredulous. He looked at me incredulously, like he could NOT believe that I had turned down his offer to let me rub his feet. WTH? Here are my thoughts on this: it is not like he had a kink in his back, & he asked me to rub on it for a while. A back is something one cannot reach by oneself. If your feet are bothering you that much, crease your gut & bend over and get those dogs yourself. I am not dating you, you are not doing anything for me, so why would I want to rub your sweaty feet? I said "You know, as long as I've known you, you've complained about your feet hurting. If they hurt you that badly, you need to make yourself a doctor's appointment & get them checked out."
Seriously, ladies....do you blame me? And the deal here is- I'll probably hang out with him again, simply because I am desperate for some companionship. I'd like someone a little better.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A name & a blessing for a new Hoffman

Today Cadyn Marie Hoffman was given a name & a blessing. Her daddy was the one who gave her blessing. This was my brother's first blessing, of any sort, to give. I knew my brother was very nervous because the men all gathered at the front of the chapel with Cadyn, everyone bowed their heads, and there was silence. My brother gave a sweet blessing, and held Cadyn up, similarly to how he held up Quinlynne after her blessing (like in Lion King), and enjoyed showing everyone his baby daughter.

Cadyn had a pretty blessing dress, a beautiful baby bracelet (from the Arkansas gang),
Aunt Shandy painted her toe & fingernails, & I had also made her a very pretty blanket to use for her blessing. She was a very content little baby.

So, although I very much missed my own Dad today, I was happy to feel the beautiful spirit that a baby blessing brings, to help celebrate Father's Day for my brother. I know that my Dad was very proud of my brother.
I know the recital has been over a month ago now. I am fully aware of this fact. However, I was looking at my friend Angie's blog....just perusing through old posts. She and her boys were able to attend the recital, and imagine this.....Angie posted about it. She got some better shots than I did of Quinlynne on stage. So, I'm going to post the link to her post. Please go to it! Click here to go to it.
Right now we're in Independence, KS. We are here for my little niece's blessing. There is only one bathroom in which we can shower. So, I was up at 6:20. I have showered & done my hair and makeup. I don't know what to do with myself because I'm NEVER ready this early before it's time to be someplace. Church does not start until 10:00. Quinlynne got up & she is in the kitchen telling him "Uncle Aaron, I want to watch tv & watch my shows....but Uncle Aaron, it's tomorning!!!!" I went off & forgot my camera, but my aunt has hers & hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of beautiful Cadyn in her pretty blessing dress. I know you'll all be waiting with baited breath.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A few swim pics

OK, please do not judge because I am in these pictures. In my mind, I look much more appealing than what this camera sees. So, let's all pretend to see what is in my mind....oh, and my cute kid.
Quinlynne and I going around the circle, with my holding her & her "rowing" with her arms. I think we were single Twinkle Twinkle or something.
Here we are, still going around.
My friend Angie & I, chatting a bit with our kids, IQ (Isaiah & Quinlynne).
The only decent picture- Quinlynne & myself waving to Grandi.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swimming Lessons

This Monday Quinlynne (and I) started swimming lessons. I say that I started them, too because I have to be in the water with her for this class. When we first got to the pool I thought "uh oh, we're in trouble" because when everyone else got in the water, she started pulling back and saying NO. However, since her friend Isaiah is in the class and he wasn't pitching any fits, she gave up and got in. The teacher incorporates a lot of fun songs for us to sing with the kids. She is loving it. Every night before we go to bed, Quinlynne has to ask if we're going to go to bed, then go to school, then after school "we go to swim lessons, momma?" She loves putting on her sunscreen that is in the pink can. (Because it's in a pink can, maybe?) Since I've been in the water, I have not been able to take pictures of this joyous occasion. Hopefully one night soon, Mom will be able to come to the lessons and man the camera. Tonight we will be working on the kids going completely under water. Let's hope this is not the straw that breaks the camel's back. I will keep my fingers crossed. Pictures will be coming soon, too, I hope!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love in Texas

So, today I was supposed to make another trip to Texas. This time we were supposed to have Quin's TSA checked to make sure it was not loose. However, it was supposed to storm there and here in Oklahoma today. I decided I just didn't want to drive 500 miles round trip in stormy, rainy weather. So, I rescheduled. Luckily, Quinlynne didn't remember today was the day we were supposed to go to Texas. These are some of the things she loves in Texas.

Sleeping with Evelynn.

Having her nails painted by Allison.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures right now if Quinlynne with Emilie. Those are the girls we've stayed with lately. Personally, I think Quinlynne absolutely loves it because she says jump and they say How High?

I need to get pictures of Quinlynne with Aria & Chanson. Those are the other friends of ours right down the road from Emi, Evy & Allie. Next time, I will try to get pictures of them, too. Quinlynne LOVES going to Texas so she can play with all of her friends there. Gives me some leverage against her behavior on the trip there! ("If you ask me that one more time, I'm gonna tell Allison to not let you play with her gameboy." "If you keep up that whining, you will not get to see the baby Chanson.") We'll see you soon, Texas crew- and the camera will come too.

More pics of my love

May 28th, as you may know, Quinlynne & I went to Texas so she could have her Thumb Sucking Appliance placed in that little mouth of hers that will eventually end up costing me a fortune. While we were there we took the opportunity to run by the Dallas Temple. I had a few things I needed to get there. We also walked around the grounds & took a few pictures. I just have to post some of them.
This is my absolute favorite one.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't know why- just do

I don't know why I like this picture of Quinlynne, I just do. So, there's not really anything more to say...I'll just post it.
Yes, I know she still has the remnants of a hematoma in the middle of her forhead, and she's not looking at the camera, and she's wearing a boy's tshirt, and her hair is frizzing....but, I just love it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gonna miss 'em

As many of you may know, my friend Brenda & her family have moved back to Arizona. While I am very happy for them, I am sad for us. The first Sunday at church without the Bachrachs Quinlynne started wailing in the van. Why? She had asked about "Brigham & Hunter & Baby Seth", and I had told her they weren't going to be at church- they weren't going to be there because they moved back to their house. I thought Quinlynne was going to have a complete & utter breakdown.

I am extremely grateful that we were able to spend the time with the Bachrachs that we were. Brenda & I had talked about how strange it was to us that our kids didn't know us, or each other. After all, Brenda & I have been friends since we were 7, we went all through middle school & high school together, we lived together in college. Then- she moved to Arizona & met Matt, while I moved to Minnesota. So, it was nice that our kids were finally able to spend time with us, and each other. Even better that they all got along! We will miss them terribly, but are so happy for them that they are back in their Arizona! It'll give us someplace to visit.

The last Sunday at church we tried to get a picture of our brood. How difficult is it to get 4 kids to look at the same place at the same time???? We should have told them some cartoon character was over on the wall or something. Here we are! (I'll get these emailed to you ASAP, Brenda.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Guilty Obsession

I went to Texas this past weekend. We had to go because Quinlynne had an appointment to have her TSA placed. That's another post. Anyhow, we stayed with my friend Melanie and her family. After all the kids were in bed, Melanie & I had our Mommy time. You know what she had???? Besides her Fresca & Vodka.......she introduced me to a little something special....Blue Bell Chocolate Moolenium Crunch. SOOO stinkin' yummy. The perfect amount of crunch in each and every bite. After living in Minnesota and spending that entire time with no good ice cream (I am an ice cream girl)- I am sometimes hesitant to try a new ice cream. (No matter what Minnesotans say, Blue Bunny is NOT the same as Blue Bell.) I'm glad Melanie had be try this. My advice is- get some and love it!